In this guide we’re going to look at how you can get Shopify Email Hosting & email accounts on your own domain with Shopify. e.g if your store is then you may want email accounts like: or

Most Shopify store owners demand custom email addresses on their own domain so that they can maintain a professional appearance. Nobody takes a business seriously when they use gmail and yahoo! a recent audit of our clients showed that they each had an average of 5 custom email addresses on their domains.

However Shopify email hosting is not available via Shopify’s core services. At the moment Shopify email hosting is managed primarily by third party services. You can register domains with Shopify but not set up custom email accounts on that domain. Many clients asked us how they can get emails hosted when using Shopify so we wrote this guide to help.

How to Get Shopify Email Hosting

Merchants on the Shopify platform have been asking for Shopify email hosting for a long time and the ecommerce platform still hasn’t made any official announcement regarding there being an actual Shopify email host.

However, there is a new Shopify email hosting service on the block that’s making this very easy and creating a dedicated platform to solve this problem – Shopped Email. And we think it’s amazing!

shopped email - shopify email hosting

Responding to the needs of the merchants, this Shopify email host was created by Shopify developers to give the people what they want, and they are the only dedicated Shopify email host. To get your Shopify email from them, you simply have to go their site, sign up and follow the instructions on how you can create your personal email address for your store’s domain.

It’s very simple and you won’t need to do anything technical. They have an engineer who will set everything up for you and test your emails before handing them over to you.

How Much is Shopify Email Hosting?

The Shopify email hosting from Shopped Email starts from as little as $10 a month per account (less if paying annually) that you sign up with them which can be up or downgraded at any time. Since you have a dedicated Shopify email host, you can create as many or few email addresses as you like to suit your shop’s needs.

To sweeten the deal, you can get a $5 discount from the site when you use this introductory Shopped Email code: $5OFF.

How Easy is it to Get Shopify Email Hosting?

It normally takes around 5 minutes to get setup an account so the answer is, pretty easy. To get Shopify email hosting. Just go to: and signup. Typical response is within a few minutes which is perfect for those wanting to get up and running now.

Note – that you will need to wait around 24-48 hours before you can access your email. This is the time required for the DNS changes to propagate and for the engineer to set everything up. It’s quite normal for any host.

Is Shopify Hosting Secure?

Yes! As a Shopify email host, is very secure. It was built on state of the art email servers so you don’t have to worry about your site’s data. Your email is only as secure as the password you set though so always remember to set a strong password.


shopify email hosing

Are There Alternatives to Shopped Email for Shopify?

Well, yes. But there is no reason to get your Shopify email from them when you have a Shopify email host that caters solely to online merchants and is the only dedicated email hosting service for Shopify merchants. Shopped Email can give you the peace of mind that other third-party Shopify email providers cannot.

Alternatives are email forwarders which you can set up within Shopify if you’ve purchased your domain through them (instructions on Shopify email forwarders here). But this is far from professional since you’ll always reply using a gmail or Yahoo email address. Most people don’t want this. Most merchants don’t want to use an email forwarder for 2 reasons: 1 it’s not professional since your customers will still see your gmail or yahoo email address when you reply to them and 2 it’s not 100% sure that all mail will be delivered using forwarders. Email chains are a classic way for mail to get lost and for customers to get annoyed.

You can also set up custom email addresses with a 3rd party email hosting service such as Rackspace or Microsoft but you will need some technical knowledge to do this. Our suggestion is to go with a dedicated host for Shopify merchants.

Email is a great way for you to manage customer inquiries and responses, while keeping discussions and sensitive information out of the public domain. It’s also a way of putting a personal touch into your customer service efforts and a Shopify email can be used to contact suppliers so they can easily identify from which company it’s from. For the most professional appearance you should use your own domain for emails and not Gmail or Yahoo.

Shopped Email can also handle complex email migrations to their server which is useful for those who have been using email with another service for a while.

Joe Dempsey

Joe Dempsey

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