Web & Email Hosting Services

We can provide an impressive array of web hosting solutions to meet a variety of website design, eCommerce store development, email, web app and other online service requirements. Our experts use their accumulated technical knowledge and experience to match each customer with the optimum hosting solution. These include managed WordPress and CMS hosting, super-fast cloud hosting, setups with popular CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks), AWS, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. What the client needs to best advance their online business interests is exactly what they receive.

Our customised web and email hosting services offer many advantages for small and medium size businesses. For example, we supply the databases and email accounts indispensable for many websites we develop. Savings on the costs of hiring a webmaster and IT support are sufficient by themselves to justify taking one of our hosting solutions.

Website Backups

Every website owner ought to be well aware of the importance of regular data backup. If the firm’s website goes down and important data gets lost it can cause serious damage to business finances and reputation. Through daily backups to the cloud we give our clients the best possible protection against data loss. Data saved to computer servers can be destroyed or damaged due to theft or adverse weather conditions (just think of the floods the UK suffered last winter.) The cloud backup option is the only effective guard for one of your most valuable business assets.

Website Maintenance

The best custom designed websites will fail to live up to its potential without regular maintenance. The last thing you want is for a visitor to encounter broken links, outdated information, or bugs. These are the kind of problems that drive existing customers away and put off potential new customers. In addition to design services that keep our clients’ websites fresh and stylish we operate a maintenance service for clients around the world. We make sure that scheduled security updates are fully tested before being rolled out. This allows you to get on with selling your products while we take all these service maintenance worries off your shoulders.

You can view our hourly web design rates page for updated prices for all forms of support, maintenance and backups.