The Personalized Recommendations app is a sophisticated app that provides recommendations for products in your store – just like its name suggests. It also comes with features such as Frequently Bought Together, Related Products, Upsell, Cross sell and Recently Viewed for Shopify Plus stores.

Features of the Personalized Recommendations app

When you notice that your customers leave your store without purchasing anything, you may want to take action. Start by introducing ways to entice them in to buying, by presenting other products that are personalised to them. This increases your chances of selling and will create more revenue for your business. Personalized Recommendations app offers several ways of presenting related and recommended products in different places of your store such as on your home page, product page, cart & checkout page. It makes these suggestions about the products your customers may be interested in based on their behaviours and purchase history.

The main features of this app are:

  • Personalized Recommendations – the app uses proprietary algorithms to show content which is personalised for your individual customers.
  • Frequently Bought Together (Upsell) – feature that presents products that other people have bought together with the product being viewed. It can also be configured manually.
  • You May Also Like (Cross Sell) – rules can be set to guide the user to specific related products.
  • Similar Products – displays similar products based on the pages your customer has already visited.
  • Recently Viewed – displays the products the customer has already shown interest in by showing them again.

There are also other great features to add to your store such as Bestsellers, Trending Products, Top Discounts and Recently Launched.

Overall review

This app offers all you need in terms of upsells and cross sells for your Shopify store. It’s a real advantage that all recommendations can be configured manually. The automated configurations are based on tags and type of products.

On your store’s website, the recommendation sections display as carousels or grids (all responsive, of course) and there is also a nice “add to cart” option from the widget. The design is pleasant to look at, clean and modern.

The app offers a dashboard with a widget section. Widgets are easy to set up and configure, and they all have amendable CSS. An excellent feature for the pro version is that the widgets automatically get styled to match the other recommendation sections in your existing theme.

This app is simple to install and use and the widgets are easy to integrate into your store. If you do encounter any issues, the customer service team is very helpful and quick to reply to queries. It is well-reviewed on the Shopify app store with 5/5 stars.


There is a free plan for new stores, and moving to a paying plan is only required when a quote of 1000 widget serves is reached.

Basic Plan: $9.99/month

Free trial

Interested in this app? Try it out for free here.