Reviews offers a fully customisable Gift Card feature and an automated Loyalty and Rewards  store credit solution for Shopify stores.

What does the Gift Cards and Loyalty app do?

This Gift Cards & Loyalty app helps to create customer engagement and provides an excellent platform for your store to interact with customers. It manages both gift cards for your store, and loyalty programs for your customers.

Gift cards

The ability to create a custom gift card is offered with all price plans on this app. This is a really useful feature to get more purchases on your store. People often shop to buy presents but have trouble choosing what to get , so instead of them abandoning your store, you can give them an option of a gift card.

The gift card feature is fully customisable and you can set both the look of your gift card with your own images, text etc as well as the price and expiry date. When the card is emailed to the receiver, it is sent as a well-designed, elegant looking card.

When the customer buys a gift card, a pop-up window will display. This is easy to navigate and offers all the functions you would expect, such as ‘choose a card’, ‘write a personal message’, ‘print’ etc. It works well and looks great on mobile devices too.

Loyalty and credit reward program

Customers earn points when they purchase products and can use these points towards future purchases.

For the customer, they’ll get a store credit showing in their account, which they can use with one simple click when they are in the process of checking out to purchase something new.

Credits can also be issued manually, if for any reason you want to gift points individually- for a birthday for example.

You can completely customize how, when, and why you reward your customers. It also has several other useful features, you can for example send reminders for unused credit, or deal with refunds in a simple and effective manner, by issuing a store credit.

To set up a loyalty program uses an interactive rules solution to create a rewards programs that will engage your customers and keep them loyal. You can change rules to suit your requirements when you set up your program. See below for how this looks in your Shopify admin section:

Who is it for?

This app makes it easy for customers to purchase and send gift cards. It also helps you set up and manage loyalty and rewards programs for your customers. It is intuitive to use and automates several tasks that would normally take a long time to manage.

Setting up a loyalty scheme is important for any business that cares about keeping their customers loyal and giving them an incentive to return. This app does just that, and comes well-recommended.

Price plans offer several price plans. The Advanced Gift Card Program is available on all plans and the other features on higher plans. Make sure to check that what you require is available on the plan you choose.

Starter: $19.99/month – $0.2 per order above 100
Small Business: $59.99/month – $0.15 per order above 400
Pro: $199.99/month – $0.1 per order above 2,000
Premium: $599.99/month – $0.05 per order above 12,000

Free trial

Try out Gift Cards & Loyalty for 14 days for free here.